New LBM 1911 arrived in the shop this week. Badowers7.24.14Instagram-12-2

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Getting my mom in front of a camera was no simple task, but in the name of a Proper Mother’s Day blog post, I was able to get her to oblige. I asked her to pick her top 5 favorites currently at Proper, and while she was happy to list them off, she was quick to start off by saying “All moms really want is just time with their kids!”

Ok mom, well you will get lots of that on Mothers Day and maybe even a surprise or two…!

1. I love the simple Clare Vivier messenger bags - no logo and I can pack a lot in it – both qualities I love in a purse!

2. I’ve bought several Lolo bags as gifts for others but would really like one for myself! I travel pretty light but they are perfect for packing a few toiletries.

3. I don’t wear a lot of sparkle (I don’t know where my daughter got her love for everything sparkly – not from me!) but this dainty Lulu Frost necklace is a great way to dress up a simple outfit without being too loud.

4. I’ve worn my jean jacket for years – it would be nice to have another one my closet to rotate, also love the snaps on this one.

5. I got 2 Barbour coats last year – one for fall and one for winter. They quickly became my go-to favorites! I love this spring Barbour jacket because it’s lightweight and in a fun, different color from anything else I have.

To all the moms out there – Happy Mothers Day from Proper and Badowers.