We are starting off April with a special price on one of our favorite suits and blazer.   We worked with Luigi Bianchi Mantova to bring a selection of Italian made suits to the shop at under $1000.  For the next few weeks we are taking $200 off any one of the 5 great fabrics and $125 off our Navy Blazer in the same collection.


You’re a man. You work hard and you’re not afraid to get dirty. That might mean you put a suit on once a year, or 5 days a week. Either way, when you suit up you want to look and feel your best. Luigi Bianchi has a history of suit making in Mantova, Italy that goes back over 100 years, and while $1000 isn’t a small amount of money, when you consider what goes into a well crafted suit, it’s a value. We stock 5 great slim fit models that are perfect whether it is your first suit or a refresh navy or grey suit or even a tux. To help you complete the outfit, we have chosen the best dress shirt on the market, Eton of Sweden. They employ a patented weave, and make use of the best cotton available for a shirt that stands up to the rigors of travel and everyday wear around the office. We also love the way the collar stands up without flaring out or flattening down.